Grassland Biome


The Climate of Grasslands

The two basic types of grasslands are the tall-grassed ones and the short-grassed ones.  In grasslands with tall grass, the temperature is moist and humid, allowing for the grass to grow very tall, up to ten feet.  The closer to the middle of the country, the dryer it is, meaning that the grass is very short.  In a grassland with tall grass, the summers are warm and humid, while the winters are cold (but don't snow).  In a grassland with short grass, the summers are pretty much the same, but the winters are much colder.  there are actually also mixed grasslands, which are grasslands with both tall and short grass, but we don't really need to go into much detail, as they are pretty much like the two other grasslands combined together.  The average temperature is about 0 degrees Celsius to 20 degrees Celsius (winter).  The grasslands with short grasslands have no trees to block the wind, so it is always windier.  Grasslands are normally very dry.  The annual precipitation is 20cm-100cm.   Because it is so dry, the grasses have very deep roots to help them find water.  The deep roots also keep the soil from being blown or washed away.  However, there are also many other types of grassland.  Take the savannas, for example.  Savannas have two seasons, a very dry one and a very wet one.  The average temperature is about 20-30 degrees Celsius (summer).  The winter temperature is about 20-25 degrees Celsius and the summer is 25-30 degrees Celsius.  The summer is wet while the winter is dry.  Another type of grassland is called a temperate grassland.  There are also only two seasons, with summers from warm to hot, and winters from cold to freezing.  The soil is full of nutrients.  One other type of grassland is called a flooded grassland.  These grasslands are flooded yearly.  The climate is warm and wet.  There are also tundra grasslands (which really do exist in the tundra), montane grasslands (which are high altitude grasslands) and desert grasslands.  
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Here are some pictures of grasslands.  The tall-grassed one is to the upper left, while the short-grassed one is to the upper right.  The savanna is in the middle.  The tundra grassland is in the middle left corner, the montane grasslands in the very middle and the flooded grassland to the middle right.  The temperate grassland is to the bottom left, and the desert to the bottom middle.